Optical Illusion Reveal if You have a Female or Male Brain

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What was your result
Male, Male brain 30%  30%  [ 9 ]
Male, Female brain 20%  20%  [ 6 ]
Female, Male brain 27%  27%  [ 8 ]
Female, Female brain 23%  23%  [ 7 ]
Total votes : 30


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23 Jun 2022, 11:56 am

DanielW wrote:

Neurosexism: the myth that men and women have different brains
The hunt for male and female distinctions inside the skull is a lesson in bad research practice.

(I saw the image as static when I first saw it. not running in either direction. After looking closely, I can see a calf muscle and toes so I know which way the figure is drawn to look like its moving, but that doesn't really count.)

Given that no other animal lacks gender-specific behaviour, and that advice that works for women hurts men, I think it is absurd to use a prejudicial term to describe the study of human behaviour. Sociobiology got it right, and was cancelled by feminist dogma. If the Feminists were actually against sexism, they would be called Humanists.


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23 Jun 2022, 3:19 pm

If you are female you have a female brain, if you are male you have a male brain.
Anything else is derogatory sexist stereotypes.


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23 Jun 2022, 4:03 pm

It was ambiguous, split into two layers and hurt my eyes.

It seems I have a stupid brain. :cry:

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23 Jun 2022, 4:10 pm

I've done this before but I tried it again.

Both times I see him approaching (male brain).

I wonder if that's representative of people with PTSD (hyper-vigilance about people approaching)?