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18 Apr 2022, 3:31 pm

I have been wondering if Schizotypal Personality Disorder, Schizoid Personality Disorder, and / or both can be co-morbid with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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18 Apr 2022, 3:35 pm

I don't know if they can be comorbids but I do know that I was diagnosed with schizotypal pd before I got a second opinion and was diagnosed with aspergers syndrome and adhd.

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19 Apr 2022, 3:39 pm

According to Mirriam-Webster:

Medical Definition of comorbid

: existing simultaneously with and usually independently of another medical condition

Which sounds exactly like what is described in this American Journal of Psychiatry paper:

"Comorbid association of autism and schizophrenia"

If the present study group is taken to be representative, it appears that the frequency of schizophrenia among autistic patients (0.6%) is roughly comparable to the frequency of schizophrenia in the general population.

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