Sounds that hit you Vs going through you

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09 May 2022, 4:16 pm

I made up a theory the other day about sounds. Some sounds hit you, other sounds go through you (I mean that literally, not associated with the expression "that noise is going through me").

When sounds hit me, it makes me jump. I feel like the sound has physically hit me, like someone kicking a football at me. When I don't jump at a sound, it's because it has passed through me.

Car horns are a good example. Those ones that go "BHAAAAZZ!" are a really sharp sound and it hits me. But the ones that go "NEEPP!" are just as loud but hardly ever make me jump. That type of sound passes through me.

Do you see what I mean? Just thought I'd share it, to others with sound sensory issues.

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09 May 2022, 4:28 pm

When I go to certain places where someone is talking on a mic and the speakers are turned up too loud that goes through me, it might be the heavy bass.


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09 May 2022, 5:35 pm

I can attest and that's what I've figured since teenage years. It's also not limited to sounds.

It can be consciously switch on.

But instead of automatic, I have to do mine manually and continuously.
It's this gap between my mind wanting to get over it and stop, and my brain not keeping up enough with it, picking up and 'anticipating' unnecessary whatever.

Things tend to hit me if --
-If I'm overwhelmed to begin with.
-Left over with unprocessed stimuli remaining.
-Too tired. Too tense. Too distracted. Too stressed. Or sick or in pain enough.
-Take anything too seriously. Hypervigilate.
-If the intensity of stimuli is too high, or too 'rough', non-pattern enough, too out of place (literally surprise me) and intense or simply against my preference.
-Focus gone wrong. Dysregulated.

But when I wake up with everything goes through me automatically and no need to maintain it...
It means I have a working executive function instead of the unreliable one.

There will always be sounds that hits me either just pressures in my ears, a tiny cracking needle stab or actually tickle me.

Those are more like sounds that would naturally physically and psychologically impact me regardless of my state.

I've also only discovered the same can be applied with emotions and thoughts few years ago.

Things that sticks and having to process and let go off VS things that just passes through at the moment and it's got nothing to do with memory and comprehension issues.

And it's highly personally contextual, psych and spiritual wise compared to sensory issues.

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09 May 2022, 5:50 pm

Are you referring to any painful noises, like misophonia or hyperacusis?

Sounds I can't tolerate:

Anything scratchy, squeaky, or crinkly -- I go straight out of my mind.
Examples: Styrofoam rubbing together, paper bags, plastic packaging, snack wrappers (crisps in particular)

Examples: overhearing people on phones, random chattering, televisions, weather reports, traffic reports
Telephone calls (even when I'm part of them)
Enthusiastic people are the worst (people talking to children or animals)

Human sounds
High heeled footsteps, typing, chewing, slurping, breathing, snoring

Kitchen sounds
Cutlery on dishes, pulling racks out of the oven, banging pots with utensils, scooping sounds

Anything repetitive like drips, beeps, or buzzes


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09 May 2022, 7:49 pm

We cant tell how literal the OP is being. Maybe she isnt sure herself. How much she means psychologically, and how much she means physically.

I suppose some sounds may literally "hit" you, and kinda bounce off your body creating a feeling of being literally assaulted, while other "just pass through you". The human body is mostly water. So most sounds would pass through you. But some sound waves might have a certain amplitude, wave length, and wave shape, that they bounce off of your skin. Or bounce off of your bones.

Sound can be powerful. Opera singers can break wine glasses. Sea mammals can stun fish with it. And there maybe truth to the tale of horns bringing down masonry walls...when Joshua fit the battle of Jericho.