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25 Jun 2022, 5:13 pm

What do you think about the various online Autism tests? I can only imagine that they can't replace an actual, in person, evaluation.

I've taken the Autism Spectrum Quotient in the past. I just retook it and scored a 34. I remember doing the test years ago, scoring 29, and then getting my brother to do the test, so that I had something to compare it to. I think he scored 9.

I wonder how much of one's score is determined, at least to some degree, by the knowledge that you know what the "right" or "wrong" answer is? In other words, if at some level I think that I'm on the spectrum, because it would explain things, and "rings true," am I then prone to answer questions in such a way that the outcome also rings true? I don't think that I'm doing that, but if that's a subconscious prejudice, how could I know?

I just took the RAADS-R test. I didn't really like this one. For a lot of the questions, the accurate answer would have been "sometime" or "it depends." I do understand the "before or after 16" aspect of the test, but it just felt awkward. I scored a 92, which I guess means maybe.

I'm interested in your opinion on these test, and if there are other ones that you've taken and appreciated.

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26 Jun 2022, 12:33 pm

I don't think the online tests can reliably diagnose you.

But...when I and my bride read about "Autism" online and concluded that I was probably a High-Functioning Autistic I was suspicious whether or not our suspicion was credible. It was my score on the Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test that convinced me our suspicion was quite plausible. As a double-check my bride took the test on my behalf, answering the way she thought I should, and that score reinforced things.

I knew I still did not know if I was Autistic, but that test is what persuaded me it was reasonable to see a professional assessment

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