People say that ASD is not a DD, but a neurological differen

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21 Jul 2022, 6:13 pm

kraftiekortie wrote:
Back when we were kids in the 1960s, kids used to routinely get the Mumps. The vaccine for Mumps wasn't developed until I was 6 years old. I'm lucky I never got the Mumps.

One possible (rare) complication was "mumps encephalitis."

I'd actually gone back to school late when it was thought I was past getting mumps. Boy was that wrong. I started feeling crap during the flight from San Francisco to Heathrow. .

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22 Jul 2022, 6:43 am

skibum wrote:
carlos55 wrote:
skibum wrote:
Don't assume that Autistic celebs have no visual problems. You don't see their day to day lives. Many people think I have no visual problems at all until they actually get to know me.

Well some have careers, friends & families which is more than most autistic people, not saying they don`t have some issues but nothing in comparison to some of us.

But anyway autism is not one condition that deserves one single answer in so far as disability / difference & its wrong to speak of it as such
A lot of Autistic people have careers and families and even friends.

Of course but not everyone and that’s the point.

Not everyone has the same autism.

In fact there’s no evidence that two autistic people with the same diagnosis in the 70% of unexplained causation have the same condition.

Even if Ellon Musk was diagnosed with ASD. It was done with a psychiatrist sitting with him asking questions and observing.

There will be no biological evidence there, no likely genetic cause nothing.

The same with myself or possibly yourself so who says we are even on the same page biologically with the same condition that someone gave a name to in1940’s.

It’s like a 13th century doctor looking at two paralyzed people that cannot walk and claiming they both have the same thing.

One fell off a horse and broke his spine, the other has a genetic condition or motor neuron disease.

Same thing today with the brain, not enough is known.

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