Neuropsychological assessment or not?

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04 Aug 2022, 9:04 am

The other day I started to become suspicious of been slightly autistic after reading an article and I`ve kept reading... from Frontiers and Researchgate to children books, to Temple Grandin´s books, to youtube videos, in three languages and I think I will be buying some clinical books, because I cannot let go of wanting to know more.

I did different vocabulary tests in my mother language and two additional ones, the Autism Quocient 28 and 50, RAADS-R, CAT-Q, I´ve minusciously written stuff of my own life that was/is useful, I´ve analysed my drawings and paintings and how I communicate and my hearing sensitivities, the social draining component and how I live :no family or friends nearby, happily homesteading in a remote place, no social media, my weird interests, not being able to learn to drive a car, only sparingly cycling in the countryside.

I believe my mother thought me how to be very correct and do things to fit, in a very strenuous manner, since I was young. I think I just learned to fit, and I contemplate the idea that some of my health issues come from stress: the stress from forcing myself to do things that other people just do but that to me are herculean/draining tasks.

Sorry for my long writting.

I´m almost 40 years old. Does it make sense for me to pay for an assessment?

Thank you in advance.


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04 Aug 2022, 9:39 pm

Welcome to wrong planet

Do you need accommodations for your traits?

Do you feel you need a professional to say you are autistic or to rule it out to move on with your life?

You do not need to tell us the answers, those are for you.

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04 Aug 2022, 11:57 pm

I decided to get neuropsychological testing to see if I had it when I was 30. I'm glad I did it because it helped me learn about myself and was validating. It was covered by my insurance. Without insurance, it would've cost $2,000, so that could be a factor worth considering. If money concerns aren't a problem, I think you should go for it! You will probably be on a waiting list, so I'd call sooner rather than later and expect to wait a few months.