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16 Sep 2022, 8:51 am

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cyberdad wrote:
QFT wrote:
The Republican denial that Trump lost 2020 exactly parallels Democrat denial that Hillary lost 2016. Democrats blame Russia for Trump 2016 win, and Republicans blame stolen ballots for Biden 2020 win.

They are completely different. Democrats (and security intelligence) blamed Russian interference in spreading misinformation designed to push Trump's candidacy. There is actually strong evidence this happened.

The republicans actually claim the democrats stole/destroyed/added ballots. There is zero evidence of this.

The allegations are much much then Russians spreading misinformation. The allegation is that Trump is working for Putin. Even today I see late night comedians and a few political commentators working off of that assumption. The “evidence” for that is that it seems like something Trump would do and it seems like he is the type of person that would be susceptible to blackmail. IMHO the Russian interference was at most a negligible factor in the 2016 result.

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