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04 Oct 2022, 7:33 pm

Hello All,

I was wondering if there was anyone interested in helping me with a very ambitious goal. I would like to form a science research organization/institute that is designed for, and run by people on the autism spectrum. I envision a non-profit organization without all the social and stimulatory trappings of a traditional research university, something that would cater to our needs for once. I would like to build it in a quiet rural place, or at least somewhere a ways from the hustle and bustle of the city. I have thought much of designing closed labs in such a way similar to the size of shipping containers, that would be staffed with 1-4 scientists. The lights would be all incandescent and dim. Refrigeration and other noisy equipment would be in a centralized, sound proofed facility, that each lab unit would have convenient access to. Of course some of you might have better ideas. What are your ideas?

I could see this place of study to be ours though. We could have all branches of interests, and our "warren" could expand as needed. We would no longer have to worry about employment, we can have purpose and live free. This idea, will take a lot of work, and some support of NTs. I need (we need) help if we are to do such an idea.

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