Wrong Place at the Wrong Time/Unfairly accused

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24 Aug 2017, 4:11 pm

Dear_one wrote:
When a completely illegal eviction over a misunderstanding turned into a home invasion, I called the Police. They were so helpful and honest that I fled to the boondocks, where I could afford to buy a house because of a declining population. I lost my business and friends.


When I was twenty one year old, the landlord told me that the other tenants told him that I made "stinky food". The contract was a month to month lease. According to the contract the landlord was supposed to give me thirty day notice to move out. However he only gave me two week notice. This was in 2004. Homophobic San Diego. And I had to go to about seventeen different locations before finding someone that would take my worthless corpse.

What kind of "stinky food?". Stinky 8O tofu? :D


The tenants did not measure the :skull: number of particles per billion :nerdy: .

Besides the tenants were all themselves moving out anyways

It was a nightmare

But thankfully someone took my application

And I did not have to sleep on the street


Quite frankly what could I have done? Tattle to 911? Civil lawsuit? Those sound like the only options. And the cops or the judge might not have taken my side. Even though the landlord had the nerve to violate the contract. In writing.


Then the next house, I lived there for about two years and all of a sudden. One day the landlord had the nerve to tell me "what is wrong with you? Do you want to wake everyone up? If you do not listen to me, I give you thirty day notice move out!"


That was in response to when I went to the bathroom at night. He had the nerve to tell me that I went to the bathroom too often.

Nevermind the fact that in order to wake him up, I myself had to be awake.

Actually looking back, I feel surprised that it took him so long to have the nerve to tell me off.

Living in the same house as the landlord, the landlord could have told me that I did an unlimited number of things wrong.


Maybe in the written contract it should have said that I can go to the bathroom a maximum of five times a day, for five minutes each time. And flush every time.

And if I went more often or took longer, he could respond

Otherwise he could not respond


But whatever

In neither instance did I lose friends or a business.

But I did not have any business or friends
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