What does "lack of eye contact" refers to?

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30 Mar 2023, 11:28 pm

traven wrote:
isn't it learned behavior for a great part, that eyecontact?

it is as if dependency, clingyness, attentionseeking is the promoted preferred behavior
- as usual the middleground would be the better guide but humans like too much their addictive behavior of going overboard one way or the other :?: :wink:

I think so. my wife gets pissed at me for not looking at her in the eyes when I'm handing her something or when I'm walking. But, it makes little sense for me to look at her when she's not the thing that's going to make a mess when dropped.

That being said, I don't really ever look people in the eyes, I typically look between the eyes for a moment to punctuate what I'm saying, they don't seem to know that I'm not looking them in the eyes or monitoring their expressions. It's the same skill that I'd use if I was acting for a camera. Just ignore the viewer and do what I'd do if I had an imaginary friend.