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18 Apr 2023, 12:43 pm

What kind of bad and wrong actions and statements, did medical professionals or your coworkers, allegedly do?

What kind of mistakes did they make?

What kind of disciplinary action (or no action) did they get?


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18 Apr 2023, 4:54 pm

Medical professionals: When I told my doctor that my job was stressing me out intolerably, he tried to tell me to just go and and fight them back. He was always like that on the rare occasions when I went and asked for his help - always playing down the need to do anything. I got alapecia at one time, and he said it might be down to stress, or that I might have got cancer. Didn't send me for any cancer tests, just left me to worry about it.

When I asked another doctor to examine a lump under my jaw, he said he couldn't feel anything. It was there, but it was a soft lump which in hindsight was nothing to worry about - probably a lymph node. Rather than go to the trouble of having a detailed conversation about it and putting my mind at rest, he then captured the agenda and turned it into a "stop smoking" lecture, where he wanted to override my method of gradually cutting down and get me to do cold turkey.

When I later got diagnosed with ASD, yet another doctor told me all they could do was offer sedatives and antidepressants, though I know that the hospital not long afterwards sent them a list of adjustments and interventions they could do for me. The doctor has never mentioned it.

The GP surgery sent me an offer to attend a screening session for some ailment they only referred to by an acronym. The description of the procedure, which wasn't very informative, ended with the words "....and then with a doctors."

Colleagues: Several attempts to bully me into working harder at a type of work that I hadn't been hired to do. It didn't work but it caused me quite a lot of stress. They tried to get me to work through my lunch breaks for no extra pay, but gave up when I failed to do so. One of them had a go at me when I hadn't turned up to help her do something. I hadn't turned up because I'd never been asked to. My explanation was met with disbelief and hostility, though it was the truth and it was a valid explanation.

In my previous job, my supervisor called me a creep for working too hard. Go figure.
A surgeon somehow got me to make him a cup of coffee and then got stroppy because he didn't feel that his cup was full enough.

There's a lot more but I'll leave it there for now. A lot of my other colleagues were fairly respectful towards me.