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21 Sep 2023, 9:18 pm

Now it's called the double blind theory. Autistic folks don't think like NTs and vice versa. Take my sister and I for example. When my sister said with obvious disgust ---- "What do think of that smell?" I was like phew! she's also bothered by the excessively perfumed bed sheets. But nooooooooooo. She was thinking of what she called the "old people" smell. She didn't anticipate that I would find perfume more offensive than a musty smell and vice versa.

My Autistic BFF and I talk about this a lot ---- clearly when our partners say "I'm cold" we would offer to turn up the thermostat or get a blanket. But she read that an NT might be more likely to mean "let's cuddle." No wonder when I say, I'm cold my NT husband just moves closer and doesn't offer to DO anything about it. LOL-cry.


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22 Sep 2023, 1:27 am

Yes. Most likely both NTs and the AS have ToM, but its based upon their own respective minds. So they have bad ToM with each other.