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21 Apr 2024, 2:37 pm

I was wondering can we feel ''fatigued'' tired, and ''confused'' the day after we push ourselves? I only work for two days at Dunkin Donuts Friday and Saturday, due to I have other home responsibilities. I pushed myself hard trying to process a lot at one time, such as cooking a lot of muffins, 10 or more bagels, making 6 trays of eggs and sausage, making 2 big containers of cold brew coffee, as well as writing down what I used in product for inventory, taking a lot of garbage bags out, then sweeping and mopping. I have the ''Brain Power'' and ''intelligence'' and can focus intensely on what I have to do, but today on Sunday right now I don't feel well, but many NT's can do what I did for 40+ hours a week and not feel it as deeply afterwards I noticed, a little rest and they are fine, but for me two days to ''recover'' I don't know if it's being on the Spectrum, or also that I am busy with my father and dog?