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15 Mar 2024, 3:42 pm

Through the ages of 5 to 11, i had A LOT of imaginary friends, and would talk to them all the time and go on adventures.

When i was i think 9 years old, i discovered my mom's collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics and became obsessed with them, the comics.
For those who don't know, Calvin and Hobbes is about a troublesome 6 year old, Calvin, and his imaginary friend in the form of a stuffed tiger, Hobbes. They go on so many adventures, travel through time, get lost in the wilderness, and so on.

After reading those comics, i wanted to be calvin. I didn't have a stuffed tiger, but i did have a stuffed skunk, Little Stinker.
and then shabam, we were going on lovely journeys, going to different planets, fighting with the nonexistent monsters under the stairs, building spaceships and gadgets out of cardboard, etc.

Recently i played with Little Stinker in the snow and it was really fun, i hadn't played with him in a while, but it was pretty much the same as when i was younger.

I would love to hear stories about people's imaginary friends or stuffed animals

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