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Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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11 Apr 2024, 3:48 pm

I feel stuck in the moment and in my habits.
I just got fired from a really crappy delivery job.
It kept me alive, but there is a lot more I could be doing,
but I cannot manifest this somehow. I got stuck from the low pay and the anxiety
kept me thinking day to day only, kind of numb.

Now I might be able to do some tutoring, but its only because someone else suggested this.

How can I properly motivate myself and think of ideas I would enjoy, even if I am stressed like this.

I hope this makes sense.


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12 Apr 2024, 11:08 pm

Stress and anxiety can make everything more difficult. It seems like you are trying to do two things at once: deal with your anxiety and figure out what job to look for. I don't know if your financial situation makes the job-seeking urgent, but if you can, can you take the time and effort to work on your anxiety?

I don't know if you are able to see a therapist to help deal with your anxiety, or perhaps even a psychiatrist, or a regular doctor, who might be able to help you with medications to deal with anxiety. If those are not options, have you tried relaxation techniques, like meditation or deep breathing? There are YouTube videos that can guide you. Some people are helped by yoga, though I haven't tried that myself. Even sitting quitely with a soothing book, soothing music or a cup of tea can help. Set aside time every day to work on managing your anxiety. If you can become less anxious, the other problems will seem more manageable.