A small anecdote that proves the validity of self-diagnosis:

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18 Sep 2007, 7:14 am


I took the AQ test, got "high"; I then found rdos' test, got "high" on that too ("most likely an aspie"), read the DSM-IV-TR and applied it to my life objectively. Got the diagnosis of autistic disorder (I have the whole speech delay/odd speech thing over Asperger's).

Self-diagnosis is an important thingy in my mind as no one suspected anything relating to the autistic spectrum with me other than my current psychic who thought I had Asperger's [without letting me know; OCD was at the forefront of treatment], even though I saw countless psychologists/psychiatrists prior to him.


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18 Sep 2007, 8:21 am

Good for you.
Mean that sincerely, without snarkiness or snideness.

Nice to know that occasionally professionals don't dismiss or resent a client (patient)'s own research. Doctor's haven't time to see what a person is like most of the time (all of one's life outside the minutes or hours spent at an appt.), so it's good that some can take suggestions.

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