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25 Nov 2008, 5:20 am

NillaRilla wrote:

This makes no sense. Were you trying to write 'I am whole'? Or do you genuinely believe that you are a 'hole'?

Also, try not to write with the capslock key on- we have had a number of posters with 'schizophrenia' who write floridly metaphorical posts that make little or no sense and for some reason they seem to suffer from the compulsion to WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS.



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25 Nov 2008, 12:12 pm

I mistyped
it should say"I am Whole"seems like a freudian slip to me...kind of interesting though if you read teh piece and think about the theme "I am hole"Would kind of be like a play on words
and if im writing in capitals its not because im schizophrenic
it is to catch the eye....
also the reason why people with AS dont "get"metaphors
is because our minds dont make the same associations
that neurotypical individuals do when we hear certain words and or whole phrases...
its like speaking in a different language you didnt grow up knowing but learned as an adult
after your mind has developed its own associations/images with said words and or phrases
you may be able to speak it but certain nuiances will be lost in translation...
Ty for the feedback
I hope you enjoyed the piece
And just because Im a super cool dude I will refrain from posting the letter head in caps henceforth...;)lol

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