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01 Apr 2009, 10:45 pm

Cermit wrote:
for me it was kinda the opposite... i always felt bad killing killing people in certain videogames. i know its wierd.

I kill as many people in say Grand Theft Auto 4 as I can
I go on a "death frenzy" to the music of ABBA (thats what my friend called it)
video games are so fake its funny
its great fun-because its not real, and no one is actually getting hurt


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01 Apr 2009, 11:52 pm

I'm constantly amazed by the existance of reality. By the fact that things actually happen, that you can be an actor in some kind of weird game where the things you do affect other things, that other things actually exist and have their own inner worlds. It makes my head spin.

For example, my grandmother died two days ago. Everyone was upset, crying by her bedside and so on. And everyone expected me to be upset. But I wasn't. I'm not. All I was thinking about was 'Wow, she's an actual person and she has her own experiences. How surreal! And she's experiencing dying, which I have never experienced before. I wonder what that's like?' And then I was wondering about the psychology of death, you know, what happens to your conciousness as you slip away like that, what your last experiences are like. I was thinking about all the theory of dying, but I couldn't feel the reality of someone else's death. Once she was moving and talking to me, and now she is not. She's another one of those silent motionless things now. Things appear and then disappear from my life all the time, so it didn't sadden me. But it should have saddened me, I think. I can't grasp the reality of the situation - that a real person died, and that all her feelings and thoughts and memories are gone forever. And I don't get it. I feel fine.


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02 Apr 2009, 4:23 am

Someone once told me that I had difficulty telling the difference between fantasy and reality.

I was genuinely shocked at this: I thought that I was just a good conceptual and metaphorical thinker.

This person did seem worried about me for some reason. My family think that I'm perfectly normal though.

This person did seem to have a mind that was dedicated to emotionally and socially interpreting people. I've never really been a "people person" like that: my mind processes are mostly task and object orientated. This doesn't mean that I can't care occasionally though. I can care a lot.

This person probably had a very different mental "annotated transparent overlay" to lay over her world to what I had.

She had a different "mental map" of the world to mine.
A different perception.

I guess this is why different things and processes are important to different people. They focus on different things.

As for video games, I see them as virtual realities or models a bit like computerised dreams really.

I wish real life was like that: hundreds of tries and edit undo if you made a mistake...