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Have you been cyber bullied?
Yes 56%  56%  [ 48 ]
no 44%  44%  [ 38 ]
Total votes : 86


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12 Jul 2011, 2:02 pm

I voted no. I have been flamed, attacked, insulted, made fun and experienced abuse from one of the mods but I don't considered it to be cyber bullying. Bullying, yes but they didn't follow me or anything.

Oh yeah I have been impersonated here and the mods and alex thought it was me. :roll: This was back in 2007 and luckily I missed it when it happened but I found out about it. Plus I had moved into my own apartment so I wasn't even here due to no internet access.


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12 Jul 2011, 9:00 pm

No but I have been flamed and have run into a few trolls but I find them more of annoying. Easier to take care of by either ignoring it or taking out some of my anger by yelling into a pillow.


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13 Jul 2011, 3:13 am

I think that there may be some truth in the allegations that autistics sometimes copy other peoples art work. However it is usually a lot more complex because other peoples art work can be very influential and the finished product can have a lot of changes not present in the original work. I think people get too hung up on this concept of ownership of intellectual property which tends to be an endless source of legal litigation. If artwork were part of a commons then there would be less inhibition and true creative genius could flow. But genius is always frustrated because it always has to meet the impossible requirement of an original idea. Creative artwork can merely be a synthesis of 2 stolen ideas.


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13 Jul 2011, 3:46 am

One thing i have to say.I see and read many positive things on the internet and many negatives or some.That is getting me very confused,But many positives exist.

Also to tell something people always hated me on forums,not because of discrimination but because:

I made many threads with the same topic.(banned)
i attacked people who i considered ignorant about a topic because of 'zeal of interest'.
The irony is that people told me to respect others and their views and i have no right to do things like that.Like in music taste.


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13 Jul 2011, 3:56 am

The most obvious case of cyber bullying for me was here. I posted a reply to a thread trying to be helpful. Something in it didn't come out quite right, but the gist was there. Someone jumped on me for me and tried to pull me apart from it. I didn't know how to respond because, at that time, I couldn't see where I had gone wrong.

Then someone else replied to this bully saying 'I think she was saying......' which was spot on, what I was trying to say. The bully replied that she knew that that's what I was trying to say. In effect, she was doing just like the school bullies did. She knew what I wanted to say but was instead choosing to pick on me for what I actually said.

Then, very typical bully behaviour, she manipulated another innocent poster into starting a whole new thread with a poll to show how wrong what I actually said was, to keep the bullying going although being completely innocent herself coz she hadn't done it. It was like being back at school.

Needless to say, I have no respect at all for that poster and no longer respond to anything they have to say.


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13 Jul 2011, 10:13 am

TTRSage wrote:
Sweetleaf wrote:
I can't take it seriously honestly.........I mean as someone who has actually had to deal with constanly being an outcast and such I can say its much worse when you cannot avoid the being picked on by simply logging out. I mean going to school every day knowing I was going to be picked on by just about everyone and had no friends for support is much worse then having someone on the internet talk crap over a computer screen where I can just log out and go do something else if it irritates me.

I can share your pain. It may not count as cyber bullying, but an even worse scenario is what I face in being constantly bullied by my neighbors. So I can't even be at home and get a moment's worth of peace. All I can do is to go out and drive around for a while to get any peace and quiet... and still there are all those people out there just oozing with their attitude and bullying you with their eyes. It almost makes me wish I were back on the remote island where I once lived where I could go out in the rocks and lava fields and be totally alone for a while with no other human in sight.

By the way, you share a birthday with my mom... separated in time by 66 years.

Try to hold your head high and be confident in yourself when you can... it works wonders for the inner spirit. Also try to turn around the hateful things that people say about you and use those people's words and behavior against them. Be a mirror against what they say and do. It helps with your own confidence and sometimes makes people shut up.

I had people try to cyber bully me on myspace....I mean it did get quite irritating and eventually I got banned from the forum because I guess myspace liked those people and did not like that I kept reporting them. But I did not even bother making a new account to try and acess the forums again as I figured there was no reason to bother with it. But yeah I could have logged out anytime I am just kind of stubbron when people attemt things like that and they kept saying they wanted me to leave and I refused just because I could I guess. And yeah it was not really anything that effected my life I don't even remember half of what kinds of things where even said, but the real life crap I had to deal with won't leave my memory and seems to have had more of an effect.

Also they where wannabe's trying to play it off like they could hack computers and crap, I mean they knew how to mess up forum posts so people could not repspond and could copy and paste pictures off my page to make immature drawings out of....but that was the extent of it. So its hard to take any of it seriously at all.