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14 Apr 2021, 7:28 am

I'm playing keys for a band and we have our first paid gig next month, we have to come up with a name urgently.
We play world music and various genres including songs in Spanish, French, English, Jazz, Latin, Rock, etc.
Our instruments are Violin, Voice, Piano and Drums. I'd like to find a catchy name that's easy to pronounce.. and has meaning to either our music, group or generally speaking ( just not gibberish). One idea was to come up with a Spanish wording for a name but couldn't find anything nice , that'd also be easy to grasp for a non - Spanish speaking crowd.

I know of a thread called "that's a band name" but it has more than a hundred pages
plus maybe you guys have a suggestion for a name or a concept for a name that'd be more relevant

Any ideas would be welcome!

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14 Apr 2021, 7:34 am


as in "What are you listening to?" "Stuff"

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