Is this 'busy work' or does it really need doing?

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22 Feb 2021, 10:27 am

Week one into living alone for the first time... Aged 32. I have a house which I've been sharing with my mum & her dog for a couple of months.

Do I genuinely need to do stuff like sweep under the sofa every week or was mum just creating busy work?

I know I need to:
1 clean bathroom
2 sort dishwasher at least once daily and put stuff into dishwasher every meal
3 do laundry
4 vac or sweep every floor
5 clean the kitchen sink
6 (she didn't mention it but I'm assuming) clean the toilet

But nobody sees under the sofa, so is this really a weekly job?

I'd appreciate help from someone whose specialist interest isn't cleaning & who's been living away from home for a while (at least a few years) & who's autistic.

Tbh as NTs might say, the whole thing of cleaning all the time is 'getting on top of me' a bit.

Not actually a girl