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10 Mar 2017, 5:43 pm

sorry if this is in the wrong forum or place please just let me know where to put this if its in the wrong place.
i am wanting to make new friends nearby but i'll try and be as concise as possible :)
any questions just message me or something :)
well my psych tells me this might help so here ya go:

i can drive passing with only 1 minor.
i am saving to buy my own house which i should achieve by June in two years time.
i enjoy building things and learning how to build things :)
i am getting distinctions in engineering all the time.

as for the negatives..
um i have two close friends who i think are sick of me.
i live in a house full of shouting and screaming..
i have depression .. (weeee! :? )
i have been a victim of domestic abuse in a relationship.

ooh look a shiny :O

go go lets catch the shiny! ^_^


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08 Apr 2017, 10:47 pm

okay, i feel incomplete too. (fine)

but not necessarily for the same reasons as you. (fine).

so, of course, i do not know you, i ain't psychic, i ain't telepathic. (fine)

but the reasons why i (suspect that i) feel incomplete:

:jester: ain't got no precious lil "friends". almost everyone that has ever told me he/she was a "friend", ended up betraying me.

:jester: gender identity disorder, autism, clinical depression

:jester: fourth year, flunked out structural engineering

:jester: only had minimum wage jobs, and got fired. everything i know how to do, any old bozo also knows. despite education


if it makes you feel any better, i am jealous that you are an engineer and i am not. however, the world contains plenty of engineers. and maybe being a structural engineer has cons that i have not considered, b/c i do not have that experience. and maybe being long term unemployed has advantages that i have not noticed, b/c i failed to pay



congratulations on your engineering awards. i am jealous. but whatever. who am i? i am nobody, and i am not important. so who cares if i am jealous?

it's better to have a job you are good at, than to not have a job altogether.

and i am 34, older than you.


anyways, my guess of why you feel incomplete, would be: you, correctly or wrongly, think/feel, that precious little "most people" do/have/became something you want, but feel that you could never get.

like i feel like i could never have friendships. and that i will always be autistic and trans, instead of neurotypical and cisgender.

maybe autism related.

but, of course, you did not provide enough information to answer that question.

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