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03 Aug 2019, 8:29 am

The movie Dream Team had the character that threw a chair and the character that picked up all the trash (in NYC that was a chore). I could relate to both... just a little ya know... maybe more... it's not like I was going to tell anyone. I was thinking I didn't have meltdowns as a kid, but now that you mention it ... I remember a fourth: that time my sister locked me out and I punched a glass pane in the door - splintering it. It seemed justified. Wouldn't anyone do that? I was otherwise "well behaved" (very quiet).


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03 Aug 2019, 9:43 pm

Misslizard wrote:
Stress reduction helps, when I was in a horrible marriage I had them all the time.Now it’s very rare.
smudge wrote:
I've always had this. When I was 13 I punched a glass door, slammed another and threw a chair into another. The one I slammed oddly survived, the glass must have been reinforced.

I think these things tend not to get talked about.
When I was in my senior year of high-skewl I slammed the side door really hard when I was running away & the glass in it broke. One of my parents went get me while I was down the road. I don't remember what the meltdown was about but my parents(especially mom) were on my back alot when I was a kid & teen. I hated skewl & struggled in lots of classes due to dyslexia & having my parents on my back when I got home about whatever just pushed me over the edge. I really needed time to wind down when I got home. Things got a little better after I graduated high-skewl but there were still lots of problems till I moved in with my girlfriend.

Benjamin the Donkey wrote:
I did this in my teens and 20s. Since then, I've tended to shut down rather than melt down. Maybe that's progress.
My girlfriend has been stressed out aLOT lately about various things & sometimes blames me for things that have nothing to do with me or I came up with an idea that she just went along with no objection what so ever & then blames me cuz it was bad for her. I used to kinda just get in arguments with her & snap back but lately I'm starting to just walk off to my room & avoid her for a while.

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04 Aug 2019, 12:31 am

I've only broke a chair over my head and ripped my pants I had on.


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05 Aug 2019, 6:15 am