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17 May 2022, 12:55 pm

Men are getting the credit for women's work through something called 'hepeating'.

Many women are probably familiar with their ideas and thoughts at work occasionally being met with blank faces and shrugs.

If you have not only been the victim of this, but have then had a a man step in and repeat what you have just said, there's now a word for it.

It is called "hepeating," and it describes when a man appropriates your comments or ideas and then is praised for them being his own.

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Just to be clear, the same men who will "Mansplain" and "Manterrupt" will likely "Hepeat" too.  These are not just Man-to-Woman affronts, but a Man-to-Man affronts as well.  And while the same affronts also occur Woman-to-Man, they do not seem to occur as often as Man-to-Woman affronts.

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01 Jul 2022, 11:40 pm

I'm a woman and have been accused of being male in female-only online spaces because of the way that I communicate. I have been called a mansplainer as well just because I tend to write longform posts/replies.

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03 Jul 2022, 12:10 am

I do not believe Autistic men mansplain more often than NT men.

Taking credit for others' ideas at work is typical and unfortunately is admired as being a smart competitor.

Incel is the ultimate mansplain and arguably the most toxic as the word was invented by a woman and had nothing to do with hate.

To accuse a WP member of "Mansplaining" would not violate WP rules as it is criticizing an action. If one is to use the '70s term "Male Chauvinist Pig" to describe a member is a personal attack and is a violation of WP rules. :lol:

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03 Jul 2022, 12:19 am

lostonearth35 wrote:
Fnord wrote:

Well, actually . . .


When a woman on WP posts issues she has in Woman's Discussion that only other women can truly understand, and there about 10 replies from male WP members about why she and other women are wrong, that's mansplaining.

I don't know of any posters who are prone to that sort of behaviour on here. :lol:

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