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11 Dec 2009, 2:33 pm

Hi all,

I just finished an article on autism and computer science, reporting on the MSNBC report about companies that specifically hire aspies for the comp sci field, and what others think of it. It's at: ... er_science

Since I'm a science writer, I go into a bit in the middle where a writer has a neat analogy of ASD vs NT akin to computing's serial vs parallel computation. Hope you like the piece. If you do or don't, feel free to post at that article's website, since I'd like the piece to stir genuine discussion on neurodiversity.

I usually am on the parent's forum here so I hope this is the best place to post this.



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12 Dec 2009, 2:54 am

Now, just to head off an "I'm soooo Aspie too" stampede at the pass, note that being a programmer or finding social interaction difficult doesn't mean you're autistic. As /. pundit Seumas writes:

Ever since that report came out a few years ago, it has been "trendy" to walk around proclaiming "I'm a geek and have some weird OCD traits, so I totally have aspergers!" I'm sure it is sometimes legitimate and meaningful, but for the most part I suspect it is the geek version of a guy going around telling people how edgy and brooding and complex he is.

Since when was Aspergers the geek version of being "edgy" :P

Also read some digg comments on that "Trend". Yeesh...

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