Ohio autistic boy tricked into being covered in body waste

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Blue Jay
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10 Sep 2014, 11:33 am

lol "bullying" this is what happens when you call torture "enhanced interrogation". well, hopefully the kid is okay and they have to pay for any medical treatment, and support, some of the problems might take time to show up, scary.

it's kinda messed up that they need to dump ice water on people to fund als research though.


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13 Sep 2014, 12:30 am

a_dork wrote:
shortcircuit3 wrote:
Some people just have no conscience. That's sick.. I don't understand how anyone could do something like that.

I take it one or two members of the group came up with the idea for this prank and the others just followed suit; peer pressure has compelled people to do all kinds of horrific deeds. It doesn't excuse any of them, though.

The whole idea of "peer pressure" is just total bull imo, it's no different than saying "my friends made me do it. They all made the conscious choice to do it and be a part of it, they must all face the consequences as a result. If someone goes along with something like this just to "fit in" then they have no sense of morality and are just as bad as those who thought it up in the first place.

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