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23 Jul 2023, 2:00 pm

We aren't allowed to post evidence of abuse on here without being falsely accused of asking people to attack the abuser.
I'm now going to attack my abuser because of this.


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23 Jul 2023, 2:05 pm

At least two abusers have been banned from here in recent months.

There's threads related to abuse they committed and people provided evidence and decompressed in those threads.

You're not going to be accused as asking people to attack your abuser.

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23 Jul 2023, 4:07 pm

To reiterate: if you have an issue with someone off WP, you must address that issue off WP.
This is a basic site rule, aimed at minimizing external conflict being brought onto our forums.

You'd said: He is now a highly credentialed autism "expert", and asked: I would like people to alert the community about Dr. {redacted for legal reasons}, who in my opinion should lose his qualifications for the following conversation

You were asking WP members to make comments about how he should lose his qualifications, based on a covert recording you'd made.
That looks more like encouraging an attack on a person/their reputation than the more useful approach of contacting the professional/ethics bodies concerned with their qualifications or behavior. Raising specific complaints there about your dissatisfaction with the way you were treated would surely be more likely to get results than asking people here to "alert the community".

Thread locked.

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