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07 Aug 2008, 5:28 am

Autreach in the United Kingdom and The Autistic Self Advocacy Network in the U.S. and Australia are jointly organizing a new video project about autistic perspectives:

Autreach ASAN Video Project

Would you like to make a short video that will be seen by other people?
We are looking for videos up to 2 minutes to be made by autistic people about these questions:

In what ways does autism help make me who I am?

What “path” led me to making this video?

How would I encourage and advise parents of autistic children?

What will happen to the videos?
They will be made into a single dvd – “About Us” – with everybody’s videos in an unedited sequence. Everybody who contributed will get a copy.

On the same dvd will be a 15 minute video – “Something About Us” with an edited selection from “About Us”. This will be played throughout the reception at the first TreeHouse annual lecture to be held at City Hall, London, England, on October 22nd 2008 (see below).

How to contribute a video? Making it
It can be recorded on anything from old-fashioned Hi8 to a modern digital camera or camcorder. Dinah will bring cameras, laptop with video edit software, and scanner to Autscape, for people to use if they wish.

There is also a lot of easy video edit software free to download if not already on your computer; see ... e-for.html
for a useful discussion of free editing software.

Points to consider
Faces speaking to camera are ok but can be boring.

You can point the camera towards things you appreciate – but then try not to bounce it around.

You can record what you want to say separately on the soundtrack and/or use text.

Text is good – you can send written words separately if you wish.

Still pictures are good – digital or scanned. You can scan in documents too.

We will not use any commercial video or audio material.

How to contribute a video? Sending it in
Recordings can be sent to us on CD or DVD, at

c/o 42 Cheverton Rd
London N19 3AZ


They can be uploaded eg as a private Youtube movie, or if small enough, they can be sent as attachments to an email:

[email protected]

Please address all queries to the above email.

More about the TreeHouse event
The main speaker will be Bob Wright of Autism Speaks; he will be responded to by Virginia Bovell, and Anya Ustaszewski of the autistic rights movement, followed by questions from the floor. Newscaster Jon Snow will chair.

All contributors to Something About Us will be invited.

The event will be taken extremely seriously by media and government. Making our presence felt in this forum can have a real impact.

AUsome Conference -- Autistic-run conference in Ireland ... onference/
AUTSCAPE -- Autistic-run conference and retreat in the UK