Is it ok to get your belly button pierced even though....???

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11 Aug 2011, 4:14 pm have a flabby stomach?

I have had a flabby stomach for 17 years now and only in the past year or so I have lost a stone in weight, so my tummy went down a bit, but its still not flat. I still have a bit of flab and love handles.

But I really just want to get my belly button pierced. I have always wanted to for years, but never bothered because my tummy alwasy made me look pregnant. :/

So I am in the process of making it flatter, so can I get it down now, or wait until my tummy goes down a bit more? It's been really hard to shift more weight these days, because I eat more normal foods now while maintaining my new weight. So I keep thinking that if I get it pierced, it might motivate me to lose my belly fat.

But I also heard it takes six months to make it heal completely, so what exercises would I be able to do during this time? Can I still swim?

Please help me! :)

PS: If I do get it pierced, should I get it done a week before my prom or leave it after the prom? I just dont want to have a sore tummy on the nite.


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11 Aug 2011, 5:18 pm

I would definitely get it done after the prom, not before. I have two friends who have their belly buttons pierced and messing around (wrestling, tickling) will occasionally make them stop and complain about how much it hurts. The piercings snag on their shirts sometimes, and it might get painfully rubbed against when you dance with others. Even if you don't rub against others while dancing, I know it would be crowded and there's a fair chance you'll get jostled around a lot.

I don't have any answers to your other questions, but that's just my experience (not very much firsthand!). If you want to get one, I say, get one. There is a very good chance that it will motivate you to try to show it off! :D


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11 Aug 2011, 6:28 pm

I'd look up stuff and check with professional piercers when it comes to exercises, keeping it clean, etc. But I'd try to leave a good couple of weeks free from strenuous activities when you get it pierced at the very least due to risks of infection and discomfort. Also, make sure you are pierced with a GOOD metal.

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