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27 May 2013, 8:00 am

Has anyone tried Vitamin B12 patches like these:- ... roduct_top

"Vie Patch - VITAMIN B12 PLUS 10 - 6 Patches. No More Feeling Tired Or Sluggish. 100% Natural. 1 Month Supply"

"How it works: The Vie Patch uses Trans-Dermal technology to deliver the natural active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin (bypassing the stomach) Additional Information: Ideally, we'd all like to get some more vitamins into our bodies, to boost our defences and improve general wellbeing. Vitamin tablets are inefficient with less than 10% of their nutrients actually being absorbed by the body. The Vie Vitamin B12 Plus 10 Patch is stocked with all manner of goodness - and best of all, 95% of its active ingredients make their way into the bloodstream. As well as reducing tiredness, the patch's vitamins and minerals will fortify your body's immune system. For the older generation in particular, the Vie Vitamin B12 Plus 10 Patch is a great way to stay fighting fit. Directions of use: Apply the Vie Patch to clean dry and hairless area of the skin for 24 hours. To remove the patch - wet patch and peel off slowly."

I am very low on iron/anaemic and was prescribed iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 tablets by my Dr but they tend to make me feel ill - it's mainly the iron doing this I think as I've seen a lot of online reports of other people feeling sick/bad from taking iron tablets but I also think some B vitamins have an effect on my mood too

I get the impression my system is just a lot more sensitive than the average person's to most drugs or vitmains/supplements

I read that the majority of orally taken vitamin B12 won't get absorbed into the bloodstream, just passes through the body as people often have trouble absorbing it via their digestive systems

I read Vitamin B12 patches, in which the B12 is combined with otehr necessary vitamins, were a far better way to get the B12 into the bloodstream for people who didn't want to have injections

My Dr wasn't willing to prescribe these patches to me. He said people with low B12 did have injections but mine wasn't low enough to need injections and that he didn't think I'd get much B12 into my system via patches

I want to know if anyone has had good results with B12 patches

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