Can regular, prescribed usage of Adderall get one high?

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28 May 2015, 3:29 am

I am prescribed 20MG Adderall tablet pills by my doctor, and I just wonder if I've ever been high while taking them normally.

I knew a person who was very against psychiatric drugs, and he explained that being high isn't always this out-of-universe experience; it's just like that when one abuses some really, really strong drug.

I know that Adderall consists of amphetamine salts, which are stimulants for the central nervous system, which is literally also known as "speed," so I know that taking Adderall technically gives an individual very light effects of methamphetamine usage.

I just wonder, does this mean that taking Adderall makes one mildly high? I know that one can get actually high from abusing Adderall, but if one is prescribed it and takes it normally, assuming it is the correct dosage, does that individual have experiences of being high, even if to a low degree, or is it not considered high at all?

I'm not sure what experiences are related to a normal-high (not the out-of-universe high.) I know that Adderall has plenty of expected effects, which I do experience those, but I am curious about if any of them may mean that I am slightly high; sometimes, I just feel a bit odd when I take it, but not in a bad way- in a slightly disoriented, restless, motivated way. Adderall does its job for me with helping me complete tasks and be able to focus and such typically, but at some times, it makes me feel... "high?"

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27 Jun 2015, 11:10 pm

Ok, so I can chime in on this for you...

I've a fair bit of experience with drugs. I'm also prescribed Adderal, 15mg, and Ritolin prior to that. I switched because it didn't last as long, and over time I had to ramp up the dosage until I couldn't take it anymore. At that point, it caused me extreme anxiety and sleeplessness. That was also during my school days, which were pretty stressful in themselves. I also recreationally use cannabis (but I've been cutting back), and I've tried mushrooms twice. Now THAT was an out-of-this-universe experience.

So allow me to explain.
The term 'being high' is a relatively vague and broad term. It really depends on what you define as 'being high'. If a drug simply changing your mental state falls inside your definition, then yeah, you're getting high on even 20mg of Adderal. If you're defining it by, say, what cannabis does to you, then no you're not. But honestly, you're not taking enough to get to a level of high that people who actually do speed get to...

I'm just curious why you would ask? Are you curious about what it's like to be high?

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29 Jun 2015, 3:24 am

It can, but mainly for NTs.
Being on the spectrum, our brains are different from that of an NT, so psychadelics affect us differently.

in a sort-of-tangential approximation: speed will improve your focus and mental energy; since aspies are (often) scatterbrained and use a lot of energy just making sense of the mess, the two main effects bring our brains closer to "normal" functioning, while for an NT (who starts "normal"), they have the party drug effects it is known for.