Anybody follow FODMAPs diet? I have a question if you do...

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Tufted Titmouse
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23 Sep 2015, 8:36 am

I can't find any information or studies as to why white bread, made from all purpose [wheat] flour, isn't a low fodmap. Does something happen to the composition of the flour when mixed with other ingredients? Does something happen when it rises? Does it just naturally have fructans and/or oligosaccharides? I bake homemade bread instead of buying and I've researched a ton but I can't find any information so I don't understand.


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25 Oct 2015, 12:56 pm

The list of acceptable foods includes gluten free breads as the good foods to eat. So white bread with potato or other non-wheat containing flour would be ok to include corn flour or quinoa flour, etc.

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16 Dec 2015, 5:06 pm

My mom follows the FODMAP diet. As far as I know wheat contains one of the FODMAP elements so it's pretty much a no-no. But she avoids it anyway because she has Celiac. I think that the database of FODMAP tested foods are accessible from the university that does most of the research on this, though it looks like you might have to buy the information.

Here is a FODMAP list, which shows wheat on the not allowed section.