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06 Jun 2019, 7:35 pm

I got a new Fitbit Versa Lite largely because jimmym seemed to get such useful information from the one he got. Not surprisingly, it looks like my sleep cycles are a disaster, and I don't walk/exercise nearly as much as I like to think I do.

I am having trouble figuring out all the dashboards and instructions and icons, and directions.

But the main problem is that I can't stand the feel of the watch on my wrist. It is okay at any given moment but over time (ie, a few minutes) it starts to drive me crazy. And in order to get the sleep data, I have to wear it at night, which is really annoying. Sometimes I think the reason Fitbit is recording crazy sleep cycles is because the watch itself is driving me crazy. - not really, but feels that way. :D I have been wearing it since Sunday afternoon and I want to claw my wrist off. (I do take it off briefly to charge, etc.) I am talking hyperbole here, but still...

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have any suggestions?

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