Thoughts About Lockdowns And Finance.

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04 Aug 2021, 6:17 am

If anything they cause more deaths then they try to prevent.

I keep hearing about suicides where people who have already been waiting years for operations and are told that they could be aaiting more years to be seen to, and these are people who are in daily pain. Two have killed themselves near me in the last few months. (Nearly everytime our travelling baker who sees a lot of people in the area comes here (Once a week) he tells us of yet another person who has committed suicide, and most of these are farmers and none of these come out in the newspapers as there is a ban on reporting them during the pandemic).

Other suicides due to being cramped up and not being able to cope.

And the many "Natural" deaths due to delayed operations are a lot higher then the covid deaths...

And while the deaths caused by reactions to the vaccines are lower then the deaths by covid itself, there is not such a large gap between the two as one may think as the figures are rarely ever recorded as being vaccine related deaths.

But here is my take on this. Lockdowns delay the virus but they don't stop it. Staggered lockdowns where only one town or area is locked down and the rest are not, and then it switches to another town or area actually start a continual steady spread of rhe virus, as this is how they started mixermatoses to become a continual disease in the rabbit population where if they had just introduced it without staggering it, it would have wiped out the rabbits (Which was the plan at the time) and the few survivors would have survived and flourished again, but they had to find a way to keep the disease going so they staggered it, and it has been going for 50+ years here in the UK due to the way they did this. The same effect staggered lockdowns will have on the virus which is a big concern.

I have a feeling that if they had just left the virus naturally make its way through the population we would have a peak of more deaths, but we would then pick up and overall I am sure the death rate would be lower because it would have avoided most of the great many suicides and have avoided the vaccine deaths.

So why have we had lockdown? Could it be for other reasons? To delay and prevent a worldwide economic collapse or even discuise and draw attention away from such a collapse?

Think of this. It is impossible for there to be a natural worldwide economic collapse because where does the wealth go? If a country is in debt and collapsing another country somewhere else is thriving. Have you built a bicycle wheel? It is all about balance. (There is a little more involved in the lacing etc, but once laced it is all about balance as alter one bit of the rim via altering the tension on one spoke and it will alter not just the rim position of where it is, but it will alter the position of the opposite side of the wheel as well (Which is where one gets the difference between a professional and an armature as the amature will only concentrate on the bit of rim he is working on, while the professional will be taking account of the wheel as a whole and know what his actions will do to which areas of the wheel through his or her years of experience with working on wheels. Now financially I see the world like that).

The only way the whole world can collapse is if some very large powerful individual or group has stolen the wealth of the world as it has to go somewhere. It can't just dissapear into thin air.


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05 Aug 2021, 3:57 am

If anything they cause more deaths then they try to prevent

Lockdowns do nothing except destroy economies. Lockdowns are OK for a very last resort, like when the virus was first about. Now that we have vaccines, we shouldn't have to keep going in and out of lockdown every 5 minutes. The government can't keep furloughing forever. Children can't stay off school forever. There's only so much you can do on the internet. The survival rate has increased because of the vaccines, so technically more people die from the flu than from covid now, thanks to the vaccines, but society doesn't shut down when there are flu outbreaks. Why? Because they don't report every flu-related death on the news. If they reported every death every day from every cause, everybody would be feared into never leaving their homes and spending the rest of their lives hiding under the bed wrapped in bubble wrap.

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