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25 Jan 2024, 7:12 pm

Have you had zoom medical appointments or phone medical appointments (or counseling)?

Do you prefer in person appointments or zoom? Why?

Today I had my first phone medical appointment. It was convenient in that I didn't have to go all the way over there, wait in a room with coughing patients. However I hate having to talk on the phone.

Also when the doctor called she just asked for me , by name, and I said it was me and she proceeded with the call. However at Kaiser, every time a professional gives you treatment or something, they have to ask your birthdate and driver's license.

How does the patient know it's the doctor on the phone?

How does the doctor know it's the patient on the phone?


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25 Jan 2024, 7:26 pm

I've had all sorts of Zoom appointments - Speech Pathology, OT, Trauma Therapy, ADHD therapy.

My regular doctor doesn't do Zoom but she'll do phone calls depending what's wrong.
Sometimes I need to text / email a photo if there's something she needs to look at.
One time during Covid we did a video call and I did my own blood pressure test as she watched.

My doctor knows it's me on the phone because I've known her since she was five years old.
She's been my doctor for 15 years.
Before that, her dad was my doctor.
She knows my voice.

The Zoom people didn't ask for ID but I do put it through insurance.
They have authority to read my old medical records, if I consent.
It's all traceable so I'm sure they'd know if I was someone else.

I know it's them, because their pictures are on their website or college of physicians registry.

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05 Feb 2024, 10:05 pm

I do telehealth for my therapy, mostly because my therapist's office is 3 hours away

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11 Feb 2024, 3:12 pm

Haven't tried it, but I see advantages to it. No travelling or sitting about in a noisy uncomfortable waiting room.

I don't suppose it's much of a risk that anybody would pose as a doctor. Hard to see what they'd gain from it. And if the meeting was set up through official channels, how would an imposter know how to infiltrate it?


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11 Feb 2024, 3:33 pm

Deep fakes... yes .. its a worry .. how does one know , the exact time to call you to mimic an MD appointment with you ..?
but these are wiley people ..? Who "do" ? these things you might think ? But is any one of our worthless rotting corps3s of real humans , worth the amount of time and "money" it takes to assemble something on thst level . Hmm. maybe if you were Hunter Biden, .? President Bidens Michevious son ? but , please understand this is " not" to mean you are worth any less.
But hec,' based in a cost vs benefit anayses : More money in spoofing popular & wealthy types .imho :roll: :shrug:

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