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25 Nov 2021, 4:03 am

He told me about it. But he did link me to a video with someone talking about how the disorder specifically causes losing things you just had in your hand and stuff like that, which for sure I'd say I struggle with. But yeah some of what was said in that video made me wonder if I have it to. Just seems a lot to add a potential ADHD to my list of problems, but with my brother talking to me about some of his symptoms and things I have experienced it does make me wonder.

But yeah apparently my brother has severe ADHD and he never got diagnosed as a kid. Kind of make sense though because apparently a lot of ADHD people are smart, they just have trouble getting by and that always seemed like my brother...he always was trying and he was smart but he couldn't graduate High School. Like now it all makes sense if he had ADHD the whole time and it wasn't seen so he didn't get any help. But yeah I did wonder about why he didint graduate(he seemed smart enough) but never pressed him about it and that might be why.

But then it makes me wonder if the high from those drugs was really a 'high' or just how normal people feel and I was just unaccustomed to drugs that make me feel normal so I figured it must be a high.

but sure idk maybe I am too easy to forgive him for laziness, but growing up with him and such I just don't see it that way...seemed he did have a problem, but that was probably with executive function rather than laziness. Like he doesn't want to be lazy but he just does but now with knowing he might struggle a lot more with executive function that makes sense. I am just glad he talked to me about it, because in the past he was not super understanding of my autism but he made an effort, so I figure he knows I have mental health stuff to so he figured I was a safe person to talk to about it. And so yeah I just hope I can offer support and such while he figures that out...but he seems to have a pretty good attitude like about it, like he is just glad to know its a real thing he struggles with and it wasn't all just laziness or in his head.

But some of the things he said, makes me wonder if I have a bit of that as well...he linked me to a video of someone talking about constantly forgetting where things are that they just had in their hand. and I was like well that is me constantly losing things that I had in my hand a minute before. So uhh do I potentially have ADHD on top of autism, reoccurring depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD, features of avoidant PD and ect. I mean I already got enough stuff wrong to justify disability not sure adding one more to the list would make a difference either way aside from having it on my mental health record but I suppose it would just be good to know. I mean if I legit have that disability maybe it would help if I took the meds for it. It's just I did take them and feel high recreationally in the past, but probably it was more than the dosage they would recommend. Also I Rember taking cocaine for the first time...I thought it would feel like a rather intent stimulant...but it just made me feel super relaxed and calm, and I wasn't sure if that was a usual reaction,, but that is how it made me feel. My brother said his psychiatrist told him that sort of thing is normal with adhd people.