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13 Jun 2024, 7:57 pm


Just wondering, what are your experience with panic attacks, what usually triggers them for you or are they idiopathic? Thanks in advance


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13 Jun 2024, 8:09 pm

I have PTSD, so my panic attacks are usually due to being triggered by something related to trauma - a sound, smell, or something I saw on TV, especially on the news, or read about. Feeling like I am powerless in a situation can do it.

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13 Jun 2024, 8:24 pm

Matt7384 wrote:
What are your experience of panic attacks?
Getting stuck in a downtown Manila traffic jam with six other people in the van pointing in different directions and yelling at me how to drive, and none of them is speaking pure English.

Blessedly, the seventh person was a former jeepney driver, and got us out of their before I really lost it.

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14 Jun 2024, 4:17 pm

I tend to have bad ones. I sometimes can't feel my hands, I start sweating, and I feel like I can't breathe. They're triggered by paranoid thoughts. I'll start thinking I'm being followed or stalked. I will start shaking and unable to feel safe.


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14 Jun 2024, 5:01 pm

- Claustrophobia

If I'm entering into a situation where the exit isn't clear or the room is very small and enclosed. Especially if someone touches me unexpectedly whilst I'm in this situation.

- When I'm extremely stressed and under pressure

If I'm so stressed that I can't eat or sleep properly, there's a good chance a panic attack is on the way.

Thankfully I haven't experienced an attack for a year now.

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30 Jun 2024, 8:28 am

What I thought were panic attacks have turned out to be sensory issues, most of the time.

I have gotten major anxiety over arguments and conflict. One time I had to go to work in the midst of an online conflict, and it resulted in a 4 hour panic attack. Terrible day. I ended up hiding in the cash office trying to calm down for most o the shift, which.... people were snitching on me for that. Telling the boss I wasn't doing my job.

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Yesterday, 9:08 pm

In March 2020, with Covid on the rise, the office where I worked set us up for remote work and sent us all home. Literally a few days later, I began contracting symptoms; I think I caught it from someone at work. I eventually recovered, but it was the roughest illness of my adult life.

One day during the summer, isolated in my apartment and fearful of a recurrence, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and like I was having a tingly sensation on my head. I walked into a nearby urgent-care facility. They checked me out but informed me it was likely a panic attack. After hearing this, I felt immeasurably better. I think it was brought on by seeing constant news stories of famous people dying of Covid. The panic attack was a scary experience, as my mind was being flooded by daymare fantasies of slowly dying on a ventilator in a hospital.

I later found out that my brother also went to the doctor complaining of breathing problems and worrying he had Covid, and was informed he was having a panic attack. I’ve since read stories of other people confusing panic attacks with Covid, due to the commonality of a feeling of difficulty breathing.


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Yesterday, 9:16 pm


I have a diagnosed Panic Disorder in addition to PTSD etc.
Too many to share including some at work.
I usually end up throwing myself on the ground in tears, or running out of buildings.
Lots of cursing is involved, and occasional throwing of stuff (not at people).


Emotional flashbacks from trauma (helplessness, shame and guilt in particular), agoraphobia (having to go outside when I don't want to), sensory overwhelm (auditory and visual misophonia, light sensitivity, scentophobia, texturophobia, having my feet covered by blankets or having shoes / skates / boots tied on), being too hot, not being able to breathe (stuffy nose), not being able to get a necklace off without wanting to rip it off and break it, confinement, confusion, paperwork, court / lawyers, and having too many responsibilities.

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