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08 Mar 2012, 2:01 am

hi @MommyJones,

It's been a while and I've been busy; unable to respond here.
(also kinda couldn't find the thread here - this WP site doesnt have a 'My Posts' section which should realllly be included).

I hope the therapy works out for your kid. sorry to hear about the dwelling.. I used to do that and I still do.

The next time you post could you please space out your words, I have difficulty concentrating when it's all on consecutive lines - thanks! :)

I think right now, just for now, what i can say is - give your son Big Hugs whenever, throughout the day. without saying any words, just sit next to him and when you feel it's the "right" time, just give him a hug.

I see if I can add any thing the next time round.

talk to you soon,

a drop here, a drop there.. soon becomes a Flood!