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29 Jun 2015, 6:18 am

Hello everyone ^-^
I made a post on this forum around a month ago (Here) in need of some advice about the way I feel and what I should do; I ended up visiting my GP who referred me to a psychiatrist for diagnosis as she said I am probably bipolar.

I have this appointment tomorrow (Tuesday) at a local health centre and I am sh*t scared, I am basically paranoid as fudge that when I go to this appointment…
if I am 100% honest with him about the way I feel or what I think that he’ll try and section me or something.

I mean if I am honest every couple of weeks it does get so bad that I am on the edge of admitting myself to hospital!

But I haven’t done anything (suicide attempt wise) for years. Although I do self harm.
But it’s a weird sort of thing as sometimes when i dont feel as bad as that I think it might save me or make me better if I do go into hospital… but yet the only thing stopping me is that i don’t want to miss out on things like my new job I’m starting in a couple of weeks or my first holiday without family in September. ~ Although both of these things I am terrified about and don't know if i will even be capable of doing them. Its like the only reason i am not is for my family and my boyfriend.

But the paranoia and anxiety over going to this appointment and this guy deciding I need to be sectioned is getting worse the closer it gets. 8O

Just wondering if anyone else has felt this way, or if anyone knows or has experiences about being sectioned and on what basis they can do this in the UK?

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense.


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08 Jul 2015, 4:48 am

How did it go? Rest assured, the UK is hopeless at sectioning people, especially if it's not an urgent situation - they have a shortage of beds. In recent times they wouldn't even section a schizophrenic who went on to murder some random person. It's that bad.

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Blue Jay

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21 Jul 2015, 5:27 pm

I heard of someone who phoned up several agencies and threatened suicide, but the agencies just told them to phone some other agency, and it went on ad nauseum. The government don't have the resources to section everyone who has mental health issues. If someone goes to a hospital, the hospital want them to recover and be discharged as soon as they can. Also, a lot of people are let back out on the community care scheme.

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21 Jul 2015, 7:07 pm

I won't claim to know how it works in the UK; for all I know it could be radically different, but in the US they won't involuntarily hospitalize you unless you present yourself as a clear danger to yourself (that is, with an active plan for suicide; they won't hospitalize you just for self-harm unless said self-harm causes a medical emergency), a danger to others (that is, usually if you're already violently attacking or earnestly threatening people; they won't hospitalize you if you simply just express feelings of anger towards someone), or if you're gravely disabled (that is, if you lack the cognitive abilities to make your own decisions, which you clearly don't since you're coherent).

I think most of us with serious mental illnesses always have that worry at the back of our minds about being sent back to a hospital, but it's usually only done as a last resort in case of emergencies. I have many problems with paranoia and anxiety, but I've never been hospitalized just for those, only when they exacerbate into suicidal or dangerously delusional behavior.