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09 Dec 2023, 5:55 pm

I was prescribed tons of antidepressants and antipsychotics in childhood. Mostly because of social anxiety, depression, autism.

My parents did not really care about risks. Because doctors must know something. I was not aware of side effects too.

I dont take meds at the moment. But taking them for too long (especially in ages 13-20) led to delayed growth and brain damage . At least i feel so. My wrists are thinner than normal, and my mind is not agile and im not that smart anymore.

Were any of you on antidepressants in childhood or teen years? Do they have this kind of effects


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09 Dec 2023, 9:00 pm

I had symptoms of clinical depression since about the age of 13, though I didn't bother addressing the issue with a GP until I was about 24 and ready to try some prescription medication.

I also feared what the drugs would do to my developing brain and I didn't ask for meds until I was well into adulthood because of that.


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09 Dec 2023, 9:52 pm

I didn't even know antidepressants existed when I was young.
I knew about pot, alcohol, and uppers.

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10 Dec 2023, 2:11 am

Yep, same situation. Was put on them at about 14 or 15 and came off them at around 20. I do feel that it's messed my brain up. It frustrates me that so little thought seems to be given to the potential side effects of such drugs, and the potential long-term effects brought about by introducing them to a developing brain. I would have much preferred therapy as that would have at least been a way of dealing with my problems themselves instead of just the symptoms.