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19 May 2024, 8:34 pm

Last month she had her first ever bipolar manic episode. She has been taking mood stabilizers as prescribed by her psychiatrist since then, but she’s still odd.
She’s definitely doing better than she was in early April, but she still doesn’t seem herself.

I don’t think she’s manic anymore, but why is she still peculiar?

Is it just taking a while? I miss her.
She’s at home right now (she’s an adult), but… it’s just not quite right.

This is my first time being around someone experiencing bipolar mania.

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19 May 2024, 8:59 pm

The thing with mood stabilizing drugs is that they can suppress both good and bad moods, and basically make you numb to everything.

Which doesn't seem a problem in my case. It's my bad moods that end up getting worse.


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21 May 2024, 8:26 am

Your sister may be on a high dose of mood stabilisers at first to deal with her manic episode and bring her down to a normal level. Once she's stable for a while, her medication may be lowered to a therapeutic level. One that stops her from becoming manic and also stops her from getting depressed.

I've taken lithium since 2011, when I had a manic episode (I thought it was fantastic at the time). At first I felt numb on the medication but gradually that feeling went away. I feel fine now.


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21 May 2024, 12:57 pm

give her time, it might take a while to get her stabilized and on the right meds, right doses, and find the right therapies that work best for her. It is a heck of a lot to work through and to learn how to manage. You may find yourselves growing and changing as time goes by, as the family adjusts to the new diagnosis and other changes that will be made.
Hope you can all find peace and togetherness as a family as you work through this. It is usually a lifelong condition but it can be helped in so many ways today ( bipolar). Remission is possible and worth working towards.
Make sure you do your own best self care at this time as well.


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