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16 Dec 2009, 5:44 pm

Hey guys. Am I the only one that obsesses over the weirdest things in the music world? For me on the biggest things that I contsantly discuss or analyze is the french horn (and John Williams' and Howard Shore's use of it in their music). Are there any other hornists out there, and if there are, just for giggles i would like to see what you guys answers to these questions are.

When working with a horn, which do you prefer?

Single (f or b-flat), double, or even the fabled double triggered horn

Silver (nickel plated) or brass

Farkas Model or not

removable bell or not

fave mouthpiece size and brand

fave horn brand

fave brand of slide grease and valve oil

do you use the student, intermediate, or professional level horn and mouthpiece

fave horn themes or songs

fave movie or modern classical horn composer(s)

overall experience level and what you like about playing this instrument

I am just seeing if there is anyone else out there that thinks about this stuff. thanks.