Depressed. So I wrote the lyrics to my first masterpiece :P

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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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18 Feb 2011, 5:20 pm

Part one: The demons of the Mind

I am demon number 1
I destroy your concentration
I will destroy your life
Through Inhibiting focus and drive
I am the destroyer of
your hopes of progression

Bleeding you dry
The 3 demons await your demise

I am demon number 2
I destroy your hope
I destroy your mind
Reinforcing these feelings
of helplessness
I am the destroyer
of the pleasantries of life

Blinded by failure you cry
Hoping for a sign of progress
Finding only
Hollow minds
criticizing all your shortcomings and failures

We concentrate our evil
By opposing the wants of the world
Pushing you against
the grain of society
we kill the hope for a normal life
and damn us all if you ever succeed
Because your chances are a million to one
bludgeoning you down every day
All we hope is for you to die

I am demon number 3
I destroy communication
I destroy the existence
of a social being
Inhibiting your attempts at
sharing your mind
with others
I am the destroyer of your
dreams of acceptance

Part 2: Enter: The Victim

All that I want is a life
All that I want are my hopes and dreams
All that I want is freedom
from those unwritten rules of this world


Part 3: Whispers of Hope: The Angel

I am your angel
your only reason for living
Beaten to death by the demons
of your mind
my screams become a
faint whisper of hope
in the life of a dead man
To avenge me is to follow your end
To avenge me will bring forth more of nothing

Part 4: The Victims Monologue

As my life comes to a pitiful end
I know my blood will be on your hands
This world let these demons take my life
in this world that destroys
my hopes and dreams

Not once in my life have I ever felt strength
to carry on in such a horrible way
and I'll fall in the end just like the rest
living monotonously
day by day
hatreds the only feeling I have left
for all these years all I've wanted is death
and I curse your names
demons of my mind
from birth until my final breath

Part 5: The end of a life

Sitting cold out in the streets
beaten by the world of decaying dreams
I'm seeing my life flash before my eyes
and with out knowing it I begin to scream

All I wanted was a life
All I wanted were my hopes and dreams
All I wanted was freedom
From the unwritten rules of this f u c k e d up and disgusting world

All I wanted was a life
All I wanted were my hopes and dreams
All I wanted was freedom
From these shackles forged by the demons of my mind

Sometimes it feels like the world has blacklisted me...


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18 Feb 2011, 7:08 pm

*cues orchestrated metal*