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20 Jan 2012, 11:46 pm

Well, in a craptastic mood, and this sometimes happens due to it so I might as well get it out of my system.

(Music Style: Melodeath with a huge emphasis on the melodic part. Heavy Soundscaping involved (More along the lines of Autumn leaves or the finnish scene)) Its a bit unique in that there is no specific chorus line. No poetic tools involved either. Its more or less the leaning behind it all, which I can leave to people to interpret. Also wouldn't be an extremely fast paced song either, best suited to a slow tempo (Post-metalish), slowly growled lyrics (in vein of dark tranquility)

In Time Everything Falls Apart
Lost to a past age
Never knowing what has happened
Meaningless, Forgotten

Ive been fading away
Misplaced in time.
Ive watched the ages go by
Myself, Fractured

Am I really even here
Is there even an 'I'
Constantly on edge
confusion, overwhelming

I Have Forgotten What I am
There is no meaning
Forsaken Thyself
Lost in this void

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