Autistic Crow Computer written specifically for autistics.

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04 Apr 2013, 9:58 am

Autistic Crow Computer may interest those on this forum because its written for autistic readers 12-22. There is not age limit, but I feel it serves a young audience in search of themselves and what they want to be. The main character is autistic and strong, he knows himself, and pursues odd hobbies with a pride, even aware and proud of his obsessiveness.

I have some authority to write this. Beyond my five year old son being diagnosed autistic, the main driver for my writing the book is my own autism. I'm undiagnosed, but my wife, parents and many close friends thoroughly believe I am on the spectrum.

The book is edgy, even tense and dark. Not all of it, and it has no sexual content. It is edgy only in a geek or academic way (if that is possible). I say this as word of warning, it is not mamby-pamby feel good. 12-22 is hard for everyone, especially someone on the spectrum. I wanted to deliver something that has a sense of what is at stake at that age, what people in that age can see as great battles, and know through seeing this fictional character that others are experiencing a similar life.

Thank you and I truly hope autistic teens find something useful from it.
-Lance Miller