How long before I can create something adworthy?

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03 Feb 2015, 9:23 pm

I've had access to a friends and now my own guitar as of November 2013; I have not put much time into it, I know a few basic things about the structure but have always been daunted by the complexity of "chords".
I know a few songs with barre chords and simple progression(Deftones, Rise Against,guitar based pop songs, some anime themes lol), but I dont quite know my way independent of these pieces, it could be said.

Im not working (practicing for my CDL) or going to school (independent study, library+internet+itunes U) in the very near future, so i should have maybe 4 hours to practice if i keep everything tight and strict - the hardest thing.

It'll take some time to develop the skill, I know making independent work is not as easy as simple covers, but i would benefit from some input here.
I want to profit

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