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26 Sep 2017, 3:16 pm

There have been a number of movies in the past dealing with the lives of well known authors - a concept which I have always enjoyed. Does anyone else?
Here are a few of mine:

The Whole Wide World - About Texas born (and probably Aspie) Robert E. Howard, the father of modern American Sword and Sorcery Fantasy, and his only intimate relationship.

Kill Your Darlings
- Account of openly gay poet Allen Ginsberg when he attended college during the tale end of WWII, during which time he becomes lifelong friends with fellow Beat authors William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac, and becomes drawn into the unhealthy relationship between his charismatic friend Lucien Carr, and an obsessive gay man, Dave Kammerer, which ends in tragedy and murder.

Barfly - Fictionalized account of American poet and author, Charles Bukowski (calling himself Henry Chinaski), back when he had been living in a swill of alcoholism and poverty as he writes - and loves every minute of it.

- Beat author and heroin addict, William Burroughs, along with his wife Joan, are living in Mexico City to avoid prosecution in America, when he takes off to explore his previously closeted homosexuality when friends Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr (who is still haunted by his murder of Dave Kammerer) show up to visit. Soon, death arrives, too.

Factotum - Fictionalized account of Charles Bukowski (calling himself Henry Chinaski) revelling in his alcoholism, sexual adventurism, and literary efforts, while struggling with his deepening depression, all the while getting then losing one dead end job after another.

On The Road - Based on Jack Kerouac's novel of the same name. Sal Paradise (a thinly disguised Jack Kerouac) goes on a series of road trips from one end of the country to the other with nair-do-well Dean Moriarty, who Paradise is constantly warned about, but which he dismisses, as they interact with fictionalized personas of Beat greats William Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg.

Shakespeare In Love
- Fictionalized account of the Bard falling in love with one of his actors playing a woman - who turns out to be a real woman.

Naked Lunch - Highly fictionalized account of William Lee (William Burroughs' literary face), a heroin addict struggling with his own repressed homosexuality, having just shot and killed his wife in a stupid game of William Tell, loses himself in a hallucinatory, drug induced world filled with talking insectoid typewriters, lizard aliens called Mugwumps, and male prostitutes, all inhabiting a sinister North African city called Interzone. There, told he is an intelligence agent, he writes reports which his friends (barely disguised Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg) tells him are chapters of the book he's writing, Naked Lunch.

Anyone else?

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer