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24 Aug 2021, 1:21 pm

I have a small, old wooden table that has already been painted white before, but I thought about sprucing it up by painting a really colourful picture on it (and painting the legs too). But I'm not sure how to do it and was wondering if anyone familiar with art here has got any tips?

What I mean is, do I need to paint another coat before painting on the picture? Then after I have painted my picture and let it dry, do I need to cover the whole table in glue to give it a shiny gloss and to stop it peeling?
I will go to the art shop and look for paint that is suitable on wood, but I'm not sure which sort of glue I might need.

Once again, Google doesn't provide the answers I'm looking for so I thought I'd ask personally.

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16 Sep 2021, 12:06 pm

Not an expert myself, but my dad paints a lot and I've watched. A layer of paint in some neutral colour like beige or light grey would be good to stop the white shining through where it's not wanted. And it would need some kind of varnish (rather than glue) to protect the paintwork. (I've done some decoupage stuff, where of course you do use glue. But I had to resort to a layer of acrylic varnish over the top, as the glue can absorb water and become tacky again!)

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16 Sep 2021, 2:47 pm

When painting you really need to know what paint was used before, or scrape/sand it away.


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