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29 Apr 2022, 3:31 pm

When it comes to composing music for my projects, should I go with samples or real instruments. The advantage of real instruments is that they sound more real but disadvantage, is I am more restricted in finding instrument players of specific instruments.

For example for a project I am doing now, one instrument that I think would suit it sound-wise, is the lute. I can purchase samples of lutes in order to do the music. Or I can just have a guitar player I know use the guitar instead. The guitar is not what I wanted, since I want the lute, but at least the instrument being played will be recorded in real time, as opposed to using samples.

Or another example is, I know a person who can play the piano well, and has one, but I don't really want a piano for the soundtrack and not sure if it would suite it soundwise. But I know a pianist who has one, so is it worth asking them to do it anyway, since real time recording may be better than samples of anything you want?

So I am wondering therefore, is one better than the other? Thank you very much for any advice on this! I really appreciate it!