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23 Jul 2010, 7:00 pm

RICKY5 wrote:
How is pointing out the existence of biomechanics "inappropriate"?

What samtoo is experiencing is biomechanics in action. Our wiring demands that we want o connect with another human.

I experience it as well but have my workarounds.

Sorry I wasn't very clear. Yes, we are wired to want to connect with another human, but that does not necessarily mean sex. He has connected with her on an emotional level and he misses her company rather than any sex he may or may not have had with her. When I said your comment was inappropriate, what I meant was that you were suggesting he missed her simply because he was no longer getting sex or that the possibility of having sex with her in the future has been removed. Judging from what he has posted here and elsewhere, in his case sex doesn't enter into the equation at all. It's like telling people they really love to eat carrots when they've just told you they don't. Does that make more sense?